Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Capture Week #6

I am late AGAIN this week... grrrrrr

I spent most of today cleaning and this is the first real time I have sat at the computer. Lucky me! This also means I have not seen any of the other pictures this week... I have no idea what you guys have done. I can't wait to look!

Now for my pictures of spring:

The first image is very special to me. It is my "pregnant" Magnolia tree. What makes it so very special is MY tree always blooms about a week later then the others in our neighborhood. You may be asking, why I find this so amazing. Well... this is unique because it blooms on my birthday... which falls after all the other trees are finished blooming. Odd I know but perfect! The tree is right under our bedroom window and in life before kids, I would lay in bed all day, smelling the sweet arouma floating in throuht the open window.

The three are the kids playing in the yard AFTER dinner... it was warm and still light!

The last is a little green growth that Beaker found and pointed out to me... had to include that one! She was so proud of herself for finding it in the amoungst the dead leaves.

ENJOY my pic! See you next week!


Erin said...

I love these, especially the upside down ones!

Jenn said...

Great shots, also love the upside down shot. My kids are too young for that but someday I'll have to do it.