Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Quilting Bee 1: May Blocks

So I am the over achiever this month for Another Quilting Bee 1. I was so excited to get this fabric that I got started tight away. I added a few scraps of the Heather Ross I had as well as adding the orange/brown dots and another turquoise. I had so much fun with these blocks!!!

The first was inspired by watching Sewing with Nancy teach basic quilting. She was showing the court house steps and my head quickly created this block. I was so pleased it came together so well. The second is so simple, but I was kinda thrown by the one turquoise and had no idea what to make. I added the turquoise seahorses and made this basic yet effective block.

The last two where free pieced. The third was a lark that turned out much better then I would have thought. It is kinda crazy meets log cabin. The fourth is what I am calling a garbage block. I took all the little scraps and bits that would have gone in the scrap bin to create something not half bad. When I look at it in the picture it seems more put together then it seemed as I was making it.

I really hope Chen @ Mushyhed's Sweatshop loves my blocks and the fabric I added. After working on these "sewers choice" blocks, I am getting so exited for July! I really think my quilt will be amazing after everyone works their magic.