Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/40 Days of Blogging, Lent 2009

WOOHOO! I have joined my very first Quilting Bee. Sarah @ is hosting not one but TWO sets of 12 for "Another Quilting Bee." VERY ambitious! I am in the first group that contains women from all corners of the USA and from Europe. I am so excited I could pass out.

Sarah is first in our group but her fabric is being mailed last as the etsy store she purchased her fabric from had a family emergency. I am sure it will be waiting when we get back from vacation. My month is July... I am not sure I can wait that long! Every time I look at my sewing area I start thinking about what I want to send out. I keep coming back to the same idea... finish something I have already been workign on. Could be interesting to have the group add to one of the many projects I still have yet to fully realize.

Any idea's??

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Sara said...

I am in that bee, too. My month is September, I think (have to check as I am in 2 others). I like the idea of finishing up a project! That would be fun!