Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Quilting Bee 1: March re-do and BONUS

So I was not 100% happy with the wonky log cabin blocks I created for Sarah for March's Another Quilting Bee 1. Sarah was insistent that I be totally happy with my finished blocks and offered to send me some more fabric. I was a bit embarrassed by the offer... but what the heck! I am so glad I did! I am much happier with borders of the original two and made a third out of the scraps. In my own stash I found a white piece of matching Heather Ross fabric. I have bought scrap bags of fabric on, one of which must have included the little gem.

I really hope Sarah is happy... I know I am... now!

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Sarah C said...

Barbara I am so in love with the blocks that you sent me! Really I couldnt ask for anything more. I think it is great that you found a piece of matching fabric in your scraps- how perfect.

Im so happy, seriously!!!! Thank you!