Sunday, March 22, 2009

A brush with celebrity...

So here I was, wondering the Empire Quilters show... I blindly enter a vendor booth... as I turn to leave, I face to "face" with Karen Griska's "Red Zinger" Quilt.

Honestly, I was left speechless... then tears filled my eyes. I was in AWE! The colors were so much brighter against the red then you can see from the pictures. Something like this may look complex and a bit intimidating, but up close, it looks very straight forward. Here is the "How To..." from the Selvage Blog.

As if seeing the quilt was not great enough, I got to meet the creator, the master of selvage sewing herself, Karen Griska. She was so nice, listening to me rattle on and on like a dolt. Do you know she has a book called "Quilts from the Selvage Edge"? It really was the highlight of the show for me... making me feel like I might just be a REAL quilter. Enjoy these closeups... I even have a point as wallpaper on my phone. I really am a dork!

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