Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday... Stellan Style!

In honor of baby Stellan... here we go!

The top 10 Not Me Monday list as recorded by me...

10) I so did NOT just post a blank post right at midnight to get a good spot on Mr. Linkey. That would make me a SUPER dork!

9) I have NOT been stalking Twitter on my iTouch, my computer, and my laptop. It would be so crazy to feel the intense NEED to check 100x's a day to see how this little miracle is doing. And while I am in stalker mode, I do NOT get excited when there is a new tweet.

8) I have NOT cried just thinking about this sweet family and this unexpected turn of events. I do NOT pray for the other Many Small Children that they may understand why their mother and brother are away from home. I also pray that Prince Charming has all the support he need to manage his home, run his business and have time left over to physically and emotionally support MckMama and Stellan.

7) I so have NOT joined this, this, and this Facebook group and bookmarked many blogs supporting Stellan. (Check out this, this, this, and even this one!) I mean really, I so have NOT written on the boards, posted my prayer, and made endless positive comments. That would be WAY out of my comfort zone.

6) I have NOT had Stellan on the brain for the past week... the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night I do NOT think about is praying for the health of Stellan.

5) Over the past few days I have NOT been trying to think of what to use to make a Stellan name picture. Please... I am a creative person, you would think this so simple... :-)

4) I did NOT laugh my self into tears when I read PC brought MckMama swim suit bottoms not underpants. How on earth do you make such a mistake... guess it is a guy thing.

3) I have NOT found myself on my knees for the first time since I was a child, praying without ceasing for God to heal Stellan. I have not prayed like this ever... so hard and without care for how odd this seems to pray this hard for a child you have never meet.

2) While on my knees in deep prayer and tears on Wednesday afternoon, I did NOT jump a mile in the air when the Tweet sound broke the silence. I was so happy to read that things were out of danger range... for that moment.

1) I have NOT been holding my breath all day waiting for an update, any word about what took place today. I know Stellan has been slowly making scary changes, but thought prayer, please ask God to use his power and make his heart beat regular. I have been in prayer most of the day while I spent quality time loving and celebrating my own kids.

Please pray for Stellan to be healed and for the power of God to lead his Doctor's down right path to bring his heart back to normal. Bless this family and the bond they have for each other and for God. MckMama has such a amazing faith... she is an inspiration to us all. Her mothering, her reliance in the power prayer, and her ability to bring millions of people all over the world together in support of her miracle baby boy have changed my life. I feel like a better mother, wife, daughter of God from having traveled along side MckMama.

Thank you for reading... Typically you would be linked back to MckMama's site, but since she still in the PICU supporting Stellan, why not go over HERE and see what other MckFriend's have to say about what they have NOT be doing... it will be good for a few laughs and maybe even a tear or two. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!


GodseySix said...

love, Love, LOVE the top ten. I thought I crossed a blog link with a blank post! :) Glad you finished up, they were all great. And I did not do most of these, myself! :)

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

What a precious top ten list about sweet Stellan

purejoy said...

i'll bet your top ten could've been a top 20 list. we've all had stellan on the brain. (heart)
what a sweet post!

purejoy said...

ps your comment "of for the love of a refresh button" made me LOL.

question, completely unrelated. what do you use to scan all your old photos?
i have to scan about a million photos (not an exaggeration, i'm dreading it).
thanks, and i love your quilts!

Brittne said...

I LOVE YOUR QUILTS! I wish I had enough talent to make one!!! And a sewing machine while we're at it! ;)

Great Not Me! I too have been known to post a blank page just to get up on Mr Linky!

E @ Scottsville said...

Amen, Amen & Amen!!!

Joining you in prayer, in tears, and in stalking!

Sonya said...

I think alot of MckMama's followers have a lot in common. It is so amazing to me that all of our Not Me! Monday posts are so very similar to one anothers!